A documentary focused on a special group of Dallas,Texas men, their struggles, and triumphs needs a little bit of help. Once you hear what this documentary is all about, you will want to give some out of your pocket. Just check out the trailer.

The Kick Starter page for the 'Freedom Fighters' documentary introduces the film by saying, "They call themselves the Freedom Fighters, and they are looking to free innocent people still behind bars. Freedom Fighters is a character-driven documentary that follows these change-makers as they rebuild their lives and families, learn to investigate cases, work to support each other, and campaign to fix the criminal justice system." 

Here is their plea for donations to finish this amazing documentary.

This film will be full of trials and tribulations. It will carry a strong message and give hope to so many people. So, why not give it the helping hand it needs?

Visit the Kick Starter page for Jamie Meltzer's 'Freedom Fighters' documentary donations page. They are only about half way to their goal. With only two weeks to go, they really need your help.