A Georgia husband went to great lengths to get justice for his wife, particularly her car. That distance was about two miles, but it was travelled hanging desperately to the hood of a woman's car. This situation turned quickly from a fender bender into a life or death situation. 

Elton Kim and his wife were going about their normal everyday life working at their laundry mat in Roswell, Georgia when everything went wrong.

Kim witnessed a woman back into his wife's SUV and start to take off from the scene. Kim decided to take matters into his own hands. He ran outside to the scene and repeatedly asked the hit and run driver to stop her vehicle. When the woman would not he jumped on top of her car. She decided to take him for a dangerous joy ride.

So quickly, this fender bender would turn into a felony aggravated assault charge as the driver continued to drive on with Kim holding on to her hood.

A man driving past this crazy sight decided to take video footage capturing the entire insanity. In the video you can hear the man filming and Kim yelling back and forth about calling the cops. Kim did not get a chance to get off of the car until the woman had to stop at a red light. He continued to ask the woman to stop exclaiming that she had hit his wife's car. Once the light turned green, the woman took off.

The authorities in Roswell are still searching for this mad driver.

If she had just owned up to her small accident she would have just been facing a hike in her insurance rate. Now, this felony fender bender could land her a jail sentence.

Here is a local news station's footage of this odd and crazy event. You will not believe the sight of Kim casually riding on top of the offender's hood.