One of the biggest gripes against Facebook (other than privacy issues) has always been the social network appears to make drastic changes just when people start getting used to a certain format on the site. Well, it looks like Facebook is getting ready to make some changes again.

Facebook already has begun rolling out changes to its "Timeline" format on users' profile pages on the site. This change does not appear -- at least for now -- to be as major as previous changes to the site (remember when Facebook didn't even have a "Like" button?).

The change is a new single-column design on Timelines, which Facebook says will give the user profile a cleaner look and put more emphasis on communication between friends.

Facebook/The New Web

As you can see, the left column is wider and the boxes for Recent Activity and Friends on the right are smaller. There are also fewer profile boxes in the Timeline, where you would normally see "Maps," "Likes" and other information. These have all been moved to drop-down navigation on the main Timeline section.

And as The New Web points out, "Relationship Status" has also disappeared from the  main information, perhaps to give more privacy to users.

The changes have already gone live in New Zealand, which means you could see your updated profile soon on the social site.

So, what do you think? Are you a fan of the "new" Timeline?