With the stress from wedding planning and the pressure of being a new bride, most newlyweds will gain anywhere between five and 12 pounds. However, new studies indicate new brides will drop the extra weight plus more within the first six months of marriage. Why? Researchers indicate having sex and LOTS of it not only burns calories, but it also relieves stress. Need more  reasons to get down and dirty?

How many calories can a roll-in-the-sack burn?

Experts say a good half-hour sex session can burn anywhere from 150-200 calories! The more positions you try, the more calories you will burn. Want to burn additional pre-sex calories? Try doing a 10-15 minute striptease for your mate.

Sex is a primal, natural, physical activity that is healthy and beneficial for several reasons:

  • Sex relieves stress. Belly fat is accrued when adults are stressed out due to the nasty stress hormone called cortisol. Getting physically intimate can help eliminate some of that hormone to release in your body.
  • Shoot for the big "O." Having an orgasm does two major great things for your body: Orgasm releases endorphins, which is known as the "happy" hormone, and orgasm also helps fight cortisol by blocking the "stressors" that cause belly fat.
  • Sex also helps you to shed unwanted pounds because, much like any cardio excersise, sex gets the heart pumping!

Experts say that couples should exercise healthy sexual relationships, where it's recommended to get busy at least three to five times weekly!

Ways to spice up your bedroom sex-capades:

  • Send sexy text messages to your mate as a "foreshadowing" of sexy things to come.
  • Skype with your mate (in private) via your smart phone. Teasing is great foreplay!
  • Have a dinner that contains libido-enhancing foods, such as chocolate, asparagus, oysters, watermelon, celery, figs, or garlic. [breath-mint please!]
  • When getting ready to "do-the-deed" focus mentally on the things you love and adore about your mate.
  • A sexy phone call to your mate at work can really heat things up with anticipation

God made sex for us to enjoy with the one we love! Enjoy it, enjoy often, and enjoy burning calories, and bask in your weight-loss!

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