I was so glad to see the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl, and in their honor, I wanted to have a Super Bowl watch party at our home. Unfortunately, plans changed and we will be out of town, so, you can make the recipes I wanted to for me. You're welcome.

(Nothing cheesy, like Rice Krispie treats shaped into little footballs.)

If you make it, bring it buy the station. PLEASE. Click food titles for recipes!

mreddiechang, Flickr

A Super Bowl party is not a Super Bowl party without hot buffalo wings. No matter what team you're rooting for, hot buffalo wings are a winner.

Also, Paula Deen's stuff is always good. It's not healthy, but it tastes so good.

alanagkelly, Flickr

This one is a crowd pleaser. You can use it with your wings and just alone with chips.

Skip the almonds. That's gross.

Hank Yee, Flickr

It's not traditional like the buffalo wings, but it definitely puts an interesting twist on the standard. It's really for people with a more interesting palette – because it's not tradition Super Bowl party food.

If you want to break out of the norm, you should make this. It's also a great alternative for my vegan pals.

Southern Foodways Alliance, Flickr

Bacon-wrapped shrimp it is super easy. Jalapenos are optional. Put it all together and throw it on the grill. Even the worst cooks can't screw this up.


For those watching your carbs, this a great and delicious recipes. Who says healthy eating has to be boring?


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