Riding a real bull is something I will leave to the professionals. But riding a mechanical bull is always great for some fun and creative "dismounts". Imagine your embarrassment, though, when this dog gets on after you and does it better.

First of all, his form getting on is excellent. Takes a moment to survey the area, makes a simple hop into a sitting position on the saddle.

As the bull begins it's rotations, his form is perfect. Sitting sideways for optimum balance. Notice the slight bend at the knees and the swaying with the motion.

Notice the short stare of disappointment the moment the ride is over. But that is quickly gone as he realizes he has bested every other rider who attempted to conquer eight seconds.

The time has come to be adored by the masses with a move to the head of the conquered beast and stand before his fans.

His final dismount is perfect and is off to ye ol bar for a drink.

Overall, I give him a 10.