All the submissions are in, and we got plenty of 'em. It seems quite a few folks out there need to be out of that doghouse by Valentine's Day, and we hope it works out for all of you! Here are our 'Dig Me Out of the Doghouse' submissions provided by you, our wonderful readers and listeners.

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For privacy's sake, we aren't going to list any names with the 'Dig Me Out of the Doghouse' submissions here or announce which stories the winners are connected to -- it takes enough guts as it is to submit these. So, here we go.

Story No. 1

I got busted talking to a girl on Facebook. The girl forwarded the messages to my wife. It didn't go over too well for me because we haven't been married long. It was meant to be a friendly message but it turned into something that looked real bad. This wasn't my intention but my wife is furious and I'm still paying for it, even though it was a big mistake. I know now not to talk to girls without her knowledge.

Story No. 2

I want to show my wife I really care a lot. I have been unemployed for a little while. When I have had enough of staying at home, I seem to take it out on her. I just want to get back to work. She works. We have three children. I know she does a lot for us and I want to show her she is special to me. I feel like i am in the doghouse by just not supporting my family like I want to and the attitude I have sometimes, But she never says I am.

Story No. 3

Help! Help! I'm in the doghouse because i am hooked on "QUACK!" I know it's all my fault, but I'm a guy, so I blame it on the ducks. My story starts 17 years ago when I married my high school sweetheart. We now have 3 boys ( 9,10, and 14), which i dont have to explain is a handful right there.

For me hunting season always starts in September with dove season, then October with the bow, then November brings rifle season. For most rednecks this is the best time of the year, but unfortunately it also brings out the unhappy side of the mom stuck at home with the kids. But for 17 years we have been married I have been able to pull it off.

Last year things changed a little. We were hunting on a new piece of property and every time we got by the swamp we jumped ducks. So what would any good ol' boy with a shotgun and a bird dog do? We started duck hunting, and from the first morning I was hooked! Not only was it a blast, I just extended my hunting season until the end of January.

This year season started in September by going to Sweetwater for opening weekend of dove like it always had. Sadly our 7-year-old Labrador was overtaken by heat that evening. It was a big loss to the family.

Fast forward several weeks of kids missing dog and duck season aproaching with me having to fetch birds (which I havent done in 7 years) I decide to start looking for a new hunting dog. We got the new puppy just before opening weekend of deer season. Although guys happily get up early to be in the woods, most wives are not so happy to get up early to let the new puppy out to potty. Sure i would always hear about it, but hey, it's hunting season.

So it strikes me when i heard about your contest. Yep, I'm in the doghouse. Why, you ask? Because my wonderful, beautiful wife, mother of three boys, and three dogs, and has a full-time job hasn't got to sleep late on the weekend since hunting season started. Why, you ask? I'm a guy, so I blame the ducks. So if you really want to dig me out, here is your chance.

Story No. 4

My husband got caught watching porn after we had discussed that several times before and after getting married. He still can't tell me why he looked at it. The first reason before we actually sat down and talked about it, which was to get new ideas for the bedroom.

Story No. 5

OK, well I am not in a doghouse, per say, but I do have an amazing husband. We have been together five years and in that time we have not had one minute alone. We started out our life together with three of my grandkids living with me, and have custody now of one, then went to taking care of my ill mother and grandmother until they both passed, and now we are adopting two more grandchildren. So now that our kids are all grown, we have a 5-, 4-, and 2-year-old. He is amazing for standing strong with me through everything. He is my rock. I work, he is disabled and is still fighting for disability, now for 4 years. He takes me to work, kids to school, picks them up and does all the doctor appointments. He grocery shops, keeps our home clean. He does it all and with a smile on his face and love in his heart. I must say I really have taken full advantage of him for all of that and sometimes I do not show my appreciation the way I should. I need to thank him in so many ways for all the things he does for our family.

Thank you for your consideration in winning a prize for him. He deserves one.

Story No. 6

I have been in the doghouse for six months because I have been without a job. I have tried to explain to my wife that it's a little hard finding the right job with the right pay. But she insists that I am not trying enough and to make it worse we are expecting our second child. So please help me get out of the doghouse.

Story No. 7

With the new taxes being taken out of my check and now that we are required to get insurance, my take-home pay is not what it used to be. I can not afford to take my wife out or buy roses because all my extra money is being used for insurance on me, her and our 16-month-old daughter. With this prize I will be able to take the women in my life out to town and show them how much they are loved. PLEASE DIG ME OUT THE DOGHOUSE!

Story No. 8

My fiancé and I were supposed to go to Muddy Gras out at Gator Run last weekend in Longview. Upon leaving to go to the store to get food and drinks for the weekend, he proceeds to tell me he is broke! I ask why? Because he spent $500+ on ammunition a few days prior for his AR 15 and 308 rifle! He was afraid they would soon be taken off the shelves so he "stocked up." Needless to say, we didn't go to the 4-wheeler ride. And even though I suffered too by having to stay home, he needed to learn a lesson! Therefore, he's still in the doghouse :)

Story No. 9

My husband and I of 27 years this March were and still are going through some tough times over the loss of our 3-year-old grandbaby (not a death, her mom has taken her away from us). So, during this tension we had a large argument in front of company, I left and feeling like I had no where to go, and not wanting to bother anyone anymore with my crying as I know they must be sick to death of hearing it, I just took off and drove to the casino. Not only did I not come home all night, I turned my phone off and no one knew where I was, and to top that off I blew $1,000 dollars that I haven't even told him about yet! In all of our 27 years we have never spent that kind of money without talking to each other first. Here we are trying to decide about paying $10,000 to a lawyer and I go and do some crazy stupid thing like this. I know he will forgive me with time, we have been together since I was 15 and he was 17, we have raised 2 boys and went through alot of very hard times.You know when a child dies, you at least know they are with God, but with what going on here we have lost our grandbaby that is wrapped up in a CPS case with a mother who has already given one child away, we don't have the peace to know she is safe in Gods hands! I guess this emotional stress will not only make you sick and cause distress in the best relationships, it will make you do some pretty DUMB STUFF!

Story No. 10

This is sort of a long story, but stick with me, you're going to love it!

My husband and I took our adorable niece to the stock show and rodeo in Dallas on Saturday. Well, we got going late and missed the rodeo part, but we were still able to have fun. Being in such a rush, we just threw everything in my husband's truck and left out in hopes of making it on time. Somewhere in this mix, I lost my keys to my car.

I did not realize this, however, until I was ready to leave for work Monday morning. I was rushing around the house and digging through drawers and my purse and the laundry looking for the keys and could not find them. My husband had taken his car to work so I grabbed my keys to his truck and looked through it, too, with no luck. So, I decided since I was now running late that I would just take his truck to work.

At lunch, I looked through the truck again. Still no good. I called my husband since I remembered giving them to him before leaving the house Saturday so he could grab his phone charger out of my car and lock the house. He insisted that if he had them they were in the center console of his truck. I cleaned the entire truck out. Still no keys.

So, I decided they must be at home somewhere. I get home and search the ground around where the truck was parked. I searched the entire house again. I emptied out my purse twice thinking if I had them, the would be in there somewhere. Still no keys.

So my husband comes home and tears apart the house and his truck and the yard looking still no good. So I start calling all the places we went on Saturday while husband goes to the gas station and my in-laws' house to see if we lost them there. Still no keys.

So I break down and call the insurance company and see what it would cost to have someone come out and replace the key. No sooner than my husband heard the words "FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS?!" come out of my mouth, he was back in the truck and desperately looking for those keys.

Around 9 p.m. and at each other's throats, my husband and I sat exhausted on the couch. He decided we would search the house one more time, but first he wanted to check my purse sure that I had them.

So, we take things out one by one, and check inside each pocket and bag inside my purse. Finally, I notice the inside zipper pocket which I never use and is usually empty, bulging out a little, so I check it, and VOILA! There are the keys.

I could do nothing but laugh, but my poor husband couldn't say anything. I eventually got him to laugh too, but that's why I'm in the doghouse, and I'd really like to get out!

Story No. 11

My husband and I have four boys -- a 5-year-old, 2-year-old and 8-month-old twins. So we do not have a lot of time alone together. We are both in the doghouse with each other. We need some time away by ourselves with no kids. We got married Oct. 14, 2011, and our first year of marriage was very hard. We started our own business, had a risky pregnancy and had to have laser surgery to correct twin to twin transfusion after we were told neither would live without it and would probably still lose one. They both survived, things got better but we had to have weekly monitoring. One twin was still not getting any nutrients, which put me in the hospital for four weeks with my husband tending to home business. We need some time away to be able to focus on just us and relax and renew ourselves. This would be great for us.

Story No. 12

OK, to start out I want to say that I am not in the doghouse, per say, but I might as well be with as much hell as I have put my husband through in the last three years. My husband and I just celebrated our three-year anniversary of being together and we will celebrate three years in July of being married. He must really love me to have stuck around even through the first six months because of all the baggage I brought into the relationship.

I don't have much money to really show him that I appreciate him each and every day so I figured this might be the best way.

To start off, I was a single mother of two. I have a now 17-year-old who has Aspergers and a 7-year-old who has ADHD, so right there you have to have some patience. Within the first six months of us being together my father was diagnosed with cancer, so that left my husband doing everything he could for my mom and my dad because my father was not able to do them because he was already in stage 3 cancer when he was diagnosed. My mom is not the easiest person to deal with. She is extremely needy and can't seem to do anything for herself. Then my father passed away Jan. 27, 2012 and that left him trying to deal with everything. Now we are currently moving my mom out of the house that her and my dad shared because she just can't afford it. He has been giving my mom money for living expenses and whatever else she needs. He is such a loving man and does everything he can to support his family and to make sure we are all happy but sometimes I feel he does too much and forgets about himself. It has been extremely hard on him but yet he is still here and we love each other very much.

So with everything that he has had to deal with just in the last three years alone I should be in the doghouse because it overwhelms him quit often but never shows it. Please help me show him how much he means to me and how much I appreciate everything that he does.

Story No. 13

I have been in the doghouse for a while now. My fiance and I have been together for two years and she's been through a lot. I've lied to her and only hurt her worse. But I'm trying my best to prove to her that I love her and her daughter, and I want to be in their lives for a lifetime. We've been moving from place to place and finally I bought her a house and I'm showing her that I am the man for her. I just need to get out of the doghouse. She is ignoring me and making me sleep in the other room. We are fixing to have another baby in September and I really want to show her that I can be the one for them. So please this would mean the world to her and me if she can get away for a day from the kids and work. Please pick me!

Story No. 14

I have recently been reassigned in my job and it requires me to leave home before 6 a.m. and not get home until after 6:30 p.m.When I get home we still have to milk, gather eggs and feed livestock. I am also a captain at the local fire department. With all of this, that leaves me with very little time for her.

Story No. 15

I took all the kids fishing ... on our anniversary. About 3 p.m. my oldest asks, "Isn't today something special?" I've been in the doghouse ever since. Hopefully I won't forget THAT day again.

Story No. 16

As a husband I try to lead my family in the right direction. Well my wife just had a baby in November and we have been discussing should my wife go back to work or not. Well we were having trouble deciding and so we prayed a few times about it and thought even more about. Then I told her I felt she should go back to work. This is not what she wanted. She wanted to stay at home. We her first day back was February 4th, 2013. It was the worst case scenario we could have hoped for. She went to work around 8:30 in the morning which according to a normal work day would end around 5:30 commute included. Well out little girl only 2 plus months old goes to bed around 8. This gives my wife 2 and half hours with her daughter. Well this day did not go that way. She was told she needed to stay late that day. She did not get home until 7. When she got home I told her she needed to dr op me off at the auto shop to pick up our other car that was just repaired. She went off on me because that meant even less time with her girl. I was insensitive and basically said so what do it anyway. By the time we got home our little angel decided to go to sleep early. In all my wife got about 10 minutes with her baby girl when she was accustomed to getting at least 16 hours with her.

The bond she has with her girl is typical of most mothers and that is much stronger than men really know. She continued to go off on me and my ability to make decisions and how awful this decision was. She told me she did not want to talk to me again and told me to leave the room because she did not want me in it. Well since then we have only talked a few times and they have been short and direct and not much fun. Please help me show my wife that the doghouse is not for me and that I need some forgiveness. Thanks!

Story No. 17

I got three speeding tickets in one year and he went to court with me and they kicked him out all three times because he had a "support the arts" tattoo and there was a pole dancer on it lol!

Story No. 18

A girl was trying to kiss me and my girlfriend came in at the wrong time.

Story No. 19

Well, I am very prone to forgetting important things like when to pay the bills, birthdays, special events, and other things. Mind you, I have become much better at these things, but sometimes I'm sure I can just be unbearable. I wish I can do more things for my wife, who is the best person I know. I'm not currently in a position where I stay in the doghouse long-term, however I have the keys to that place and make frequent visits.

Story No. 20

It has been a tough year but I decided to go on a fishing trip to the coast with my buddies and it cost more than I had planned, plus I did not take her.

February 9th was our 22nd wedding anniversary and with Valentine's Day around the corner I have no extra money to get her anything for either day since I spent it elsewhere and that is why I am in the dark, cold doghouse.

Story No. 21

I forgot our anniversary.

Story No. 22

Well, I wouldn't call it dog house. I work two full time jobs and coach basketball. My fiance and I don't ever have time to spend together and I miss him. We have issues that I would rather not discuss on here. But doesn't everybody? I would really like to just have a day for us to be together or something to give him for Valentine's.

Story No. 23

At Christmas we decided to not buy each other presents. We had gotten tickets for several Texas Rangers games for each other. Well, Christmas morning when I awoke there were serveral presents with my name on them, but none with her name. I thought we agreed not to exchange gifts, but I was wrong (again).

Story No. 24

I broke an antique glass bowl that belonged to my wife and is irreplaceable.

Story No. 25

I forgot our anniversary.

Story No. 26

I will pay the bills late causing late fees even though the money is in the bank to pay them and I am not currently working due to shoulder surgery, so according to my wife I have plenty of time to do this and no excuse not to!

Story No. 27

Well, my husband told me to cancel my credit cards because I couldn't pay them. That was over a year ago. This Christmas I applied for a credit card at Cabela's to get a discount. I did not tell him anything about the card because of the trouble I would get in. He has never checked the mail. Well the one day he decides to check the mail, there it is -- my Cabela's credit card statement. I am so in the doghouse we have not spoken in five days. I really need to make this up to him.

Story No. 28

I got pulled over on my way to work and received a ticket. My husband was pretty upset. As my work day was coming to an end I was closing the store locking up and heading out to my car eager to get home and see my family. Well, I didn't quite make it home ... I totaled my car! Talk about being in the doghouse!

Story No. 29

I went to the bank in Gilmer to take care of some business and I saw a Cobra by Viper Travis edition bass boat and an ATV 4x4 Kawasaki Brute Force 750. I went in and asked about them. They told me the price and I negotiated with them on the price and then bought them both without telling my wife. She was a tad upset to say the least.

Story No. 30

I am posting for my son! My son is a Lance Corporal in the USMC and has been sent to Japan for a six-month deployment. He and his wife were married in Feb. 2012. During this deployment he will miss their first Valentine's Day as well as their first anniversary. Needless to say, his wife is not a happy camper. He will return home in June and I would love to have something to help him get out of the doghouse with his wife!

Story No. 31

I went out with my mom to a bar in Longview and my husband told me I could go, so I went and rode with my mom but didn't  make it home until 4 a.m. My husband hasn't spoken to me in two days.

Story No. 32

The main thing that gets me in the doghouse is my mouth. Every time someone asks my wife a question, I always answer for her. It literally drives her nuts.

Story No. 33

I am in the United States Marines and I am currently deployed in Afghanistan. I recently reenlisted and then volunteered to go to Afgahnistan to keep another Marine with a new baby from going. I have a child of my own and while my wife is very supportive of what I do, she was also very upset with me because I volunteered without asking her what she thought. I was not able to be home for Christmas so she was pretty hurt. Please help me get out of the doghouse as I will not be here for any of the upcoming holidays or our anniversary. Thanks guys!

Story No. 34

I don't get to spend enough quality time with him. And would like to be able to treat him to something special.

Story No. 35

I got into a argument with my husband about him wanting to get a new truck and I told him I wanted a divorce.

Story No. 36

I "accidentally" burned his paycheck.

Story No. 37

My wife and I have been married seven years, going on eight in October, and I love my wife dearly. We didn't get to have a honeymoon and all, so we have a bucket that when we get change we throw it in and we decided in 2013 we would cash it all in and take a very late honeymoon. Well, I cashed in a little bit early. Me and my bud went to the casino and my wife didn't know as she was out of town. But needless to say, when she came home, she noticed the bucket empty and when I got home I was broke. I didn't win anything at the casino. And it's been three weeks of me sleeping on the couch. I guess I deserve that. I've never seen her so mad, but she let me have every inch of it too. So, yep, I'm in the doghouse. It would be great to win -- maybe she will let me come sleep back in bed with her! So please help a redneck brother out and help me get out of the doghouse!

Story No. 38

I moved in last year and we had a few disagreements. He turned out to be the love of my life and I would do anything for him. I had to move out because of the disagreements and he accomplished so much. He is a recovering addict and is doing great! He has made a complete 360! So in a way this would be great for both of us.

Story No. 39

I got caught multiple times talking to other women online. My wife continues to love me and I have promised her after seeing her hurt and crying several times, that it will not happen again. I don't know why I ever did it, but I have been in the doghouse multiple times because of it. It's embarrassing to type out, but I love her enough to put this out there online to show her I'm done.

Story No. 40

I spent too much.


Thank you to all who submitted stories! We'll be contacting our winners Tuesday (Feb. 12).