The rumor mill is buzzing again regarding the latest drama -- Sheree Whitfield was fired from Bravo hit reality series, "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Word has it that the common denominator and primary source of Sheree getting the axe? None other than arch nemesis, and fellow hater, Nene Leakes.Sources say that there were several reasons Sheree was let go from the show:

1. He ridiculous and outrageous salary demands

2. Sheree hasn't brought any "drama" to the show except for her famous "Who gon check me boo?" moment.

3. Finally, rumor has it that Nene Leakes hates Sheree and threw the show's producers a curveball... Either Sheree goes, or I do!

We have not officially confirmed why Sheree was let go, or if this is all a hoax to trump up more ratings. Many thought Nene took to Twitter to rejoice in the news of Sheree's firing:

Nene's later went on to tweet that she's "Powereful, but I ain't that powerful" after a fan said that people were going to think she was behind the network's decision:

Either way, we still love the show, and will be watching to see what happens next!


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Do you think Sheree should get her own reality show? Would you watch if she did?