We all know that relationships take work. But it's not always about couples counseling and conflict


Sometimes it's about remembering the little things. YahooShine and us here at the office offers some simple tips -- more after the jump.

1 - Keep that breath fresh -- You may whisper all the sweet nothings you want into your lover's ear, but if your breath smells like a corpse, your partner is NOT going to want to hear it. (SCOPE is your friend)

2- Tone down the sarcasm -- You pride yourself on being a snarky person, but you don't want to bring that into your relationship. Many relationships fail because partners criticize each other. So leave the snark-casm at the door when you get home. (Yah think -- DUH -- oops that was sarcastic)

3- Make the most of your "bed" time -- Use the time in the sack to remind your partner why you wanted to be together in the first place. So turn off your tv, leave work in the office and reconnect with each other.

4- When you finally slide between the sheets keep your COLD feet to yourself.

5- Do NOT talk about another woman or man, really you should know this one!

6- No "Dutch Ovens!"

7- Keep the pets out of the bedroom -- really awkward to see your cat "watching" you.

8- Don't let Valentine's night be the night you show off your speedo.

9- Don't wait 'til 10:00pm to get "frisky"... get the kids to bed early so BOTH of you can enjoy the night.

10- WASH - Yes shower again at night -- foot odor is gross.

11- Don't try to cover up the day's odor with cologne -- No one wants to sleep beside someone who smells like they were in a French perfume factory or a gigolo.

12- Make sure you are well groomed -- both men and women no one likes stubble -- be "tidy and well trimmed" -- don't make me spell it out to you.

13- If this is a new relationship be conscious of pictures you have on display in your bedroom.

14- One of the guys here said, "It's a "one nighter" -- Who Cares -- Not gonna see ya again.