By now, I'm sure you've seen the pic of the Taco Bell employee holding the stack of taco shells and licking them, if you haven't you have now (look right above this sentence!)

After the picture of the Taco Bell employee was posted on his Facebook page, it went viral. What might have seemed as a funny little joke to he and his co-workers, could have rather larger and more damaging implications to Taco Bell's business in this social media world. When you see an image like this you might be wondering if the same thing is happening in my Taco Bell on Hwy. 110 or S. Broadway in Tyler or on Marshall Ave. or Judson Rd. in Longview or anywhere here in East Texas.

Consumers think and wonder what is going on in the kitchen when they see a pic like that. With the employee posting a pic like that and treating an established brand in the manner, I find it inexcusable. Although Taco Bell quickly responded to the pic, some damage has been done to their brand and reputation.