With gas prices off the charts, many are feeling the pain at the pump. According to reports, gas prices could possibly reach up to $5 per gallon by summer. Ouch! However, with modern technology working for us, we can show you how to find the cheapest gas in East Texas.





Mapquest - has a map completely laid out for you when you go to their website which will automatically pick up your current location and show you where the cheapest gas is in your area. It also shows the actual price! The website stays fresh and up-to-date as the prices change.





Motortrend - If you're not a map reader like myself, I highly recommend this site! It actually breaks down in detail the gas prices by county. Yup, by county! It has the gas station's name, address, and the price of gas ranging from regular to diesel. It also stays up-to-date.







Gas Buddy - This is a pretty neat website that also has a downloadable app for your smartphone! It stays pretty up-to-date with the changes in gas prices as well. It also offers a map of where the gas station is located in your area by City or zip search.