When I heard the recent news of CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper stating that he is in-fact "gay," I said to myself, "OK ..." I wondered what the big deal was. I already knew that Mr. Cooper is a gay man, and I enjoy his show, Anderson Cooper 360, regardless of his sexual orientation. As a whole, I wonder whenever a celebrity "comes out" of the closet, if people still experience that initial shock anymore. As a world immersed in extremely diverse cultures, orientations and lifestyles, I truly believe media has had significant impact on desensitization of homosexuality. Blog sites and magazines always have purported "rumors" that this celeb or that celeb is gay or lesbian, and even transgendered. When a celebrity you like came out of the closet, or if you've even heard of your favorite celeb's "coming out" rumor, did it make you like them any less?


With so much love and support of the LGBT communities, I hope that we can get to a point when this question isn't even asked.

The question is: Are we as a diverse society really shocked when a well-know celebrity or even a loved on in our own family comes out of the closet?

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