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A Message To Tony Romo From Shani Scott
It is public knowledge that I am not a Cowboys fan. However, I have nothing but respect for the organization's Quarter Back Tony Romo for the turn over of the team to Dak Prescott yesterday.
What Do I Look Like I Do?
Yesterday, Twitter was on fire with this one simple post, "What do I look like I do?". Of course, I had to jump in on it because it seemed fun.
So, I took a selfie and posted it to Twitter with the #whatdoilooklikeido, and the games began...
Online Dating 102 With Shani Scott
Singing "I'm living the single, single,!" in my Cameo voice. I think this is the first time that I have really been open to date in my life. Friends and even my mom have encouraged me to date more than one person and to stop committing myself to one person right…
Shani’s Petty Post For The Week
Do you have haters in your life? If so, you are on the right track. If you don't have haters you are doing nothing with your life. No one is liked by all people, it's just impossible. They way we react to our hater determines our outcome of the situation.
Petty Ex Post Of The Day
It is so easy to be petty to your ex. You should try it instead of crying and wondering why it didn't work, I am sure you can come up with a million reasons why you are in a better place now.
Shani’s Petty Post Of The Day
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have all become stomping grounds for pettiness. From people sending messages to people how have upset them to cryptic subliminal messages, the pettiness has become real. So I decided to jump on the band wagon too.
Caption Shani Scott’s Photo
Recently I had a photo shoot with Ashley Fisher Photography and boy did she capture some amazing moments of me. While scrolling through all of my photos, I started making my own memes and decided that I want you all to help me.
Shani Got Some “Respeck” On It
Y'all already know that I am a barrel of laughs and I absolutely love to have a good time. I had to take this Birdman thing to the next level, so I hit the streets to see who would put some "respeck" on it for me.
Put Some Respeck On It!
The Hamiltones can sing anything and it sounds good. Birdman has really started something with his interview with the Breakfast Club. I think he should make a song and title it "Put Some Respeck On It".
Shani’s Kids Are ‘Ret’ To Go [VIDEO]
Being a single mother of two is beautiful thing, but it can get tricky when you work some of the hours that I work. My kids don't complain about me not spending enough time with them, they complain that we spend too much time together at my job.

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