David and Tamela Mann Move to TVOne
TVOne’s new show, “The Manns” will highlight the funny and loving married couple of 29 years David and Tamela Mann along with their four adult children, eight grandchildren, family and friends.   This show is full of entertainment that keeps this family on their toes as they balance music, touring, …
Snoop Dogg On ‘How It’s Made’
Snoop Dogg was giving the challenge of figuring out what hot dogs were before they actually become hot dogs. He has some interesting guess and is disturbed when he learns what it is.
Which Black Lives Matter To You?
Last night on the BET Music Awards, actor Jesse Williams was given the "Humanitarian Award" for his efforts and work with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. He gave a very moving speech that brought everyone to their feet, however will the speech continue to move you 3 months later?
Who Kills Ghost on #PowerTv?
July 17th is a holiday in the Scott household, because everything stops for Power. To get a sneak peak into season 3, tune in to Hot 107.3 Jamz today, the "Jamaican Assassins" are going to give a look behind the curtain.
Texas Likes This Reality Show More Than Any Other
The choices are endless if you're into reality TV, and some states love some shows more than others. Montana's favorite is Hoarders, Duck Dynasty rules Arkansas, and Nevada likes Pawn Stars. See if you agree with the top choice in Texas.

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