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Ludacris Accused of Child Abuse
Ludacris' "baby moma" has accused him of child abusing their daughter that he has primary custody of. Tamika Fuller, who is the mother, has been very upset since a judge gave primary custody to Luda, finding him to me a more fit parent than her.
Roland Martin & Wendy Williams Face Off On Her Show
Last week Twitter, FB and Instagram lit up after Wendy Williams made some very wrong comments concerning HBCUs and the NAACP. TV One's Roland Martin clapped back so hard, Wendy has asked him to come on her show. Why did she do that? Girl you really want to get clapped on...
#MrStealYourGrandma can #StealThisMama
#MrStealYourGrandma has gone viral over the weekend. Irvin Randle is 3rd grade teacher in Houston who just likes to workout. His good looks and good body have made him the trending topic.
Caption Shani Scott’s Photo
Recently I had a photo shoot with Ashley Fisher Photography and boy did she capture some amazing moments of me. While scrolling through all of my photos, I started making my own memes and decided that I want you all to help me.
Which Black Lives Matter To You?
Last night on the BET Music Awards, actor Jesse Williams was given the "Humanitarian Award" for his efforts and work with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. He gave a very moving speech that brought everyone to their feet, however will the speech continue to move you 3 months later?
Who Kills Ghost on #PowerTv?
July 17th is a holiday in the Scott household, because everything stops for Power. To get a sneak peak into season 3, tune in to Hot 107.3 Jamz today, the "Jamaican Assassins" are going to give a look behind the curtain.
Arsenio Hall Accused Of Giving Prince Pain Pills
I am not sure where the break down occurred between Arsenio Hall and Sinead O'Connor, but bay bay she is pouring all kinds of hot tea all over the place. She claims that Arsenio was Prince's bitch. OMG, remember when she went hard in the paint on the Pope? She's scary.

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