Do Something Amazing With Thanksgiving Leftovers
One of the repercussions of creating a huge feast is having an enormous amount of leftovers.  You might be bound and determined to eat and eat until you're sick, but even then you and your family might have a little green bean casserole to spare.
So we don't feel totally guilty about o…
Is It Stuffing or Dressing? [POLL]
What do you call that side dish made of cubed bread, chicken broth, and maybe some celery and sausage?
See what other people think about what's right and wrong, and then cast your vote to settle this once and for all.
Green Lights in East Texas Support Veterans
Maybe you've seen a few green lights around East Texas this week.  At work, on the front porch, and on college campuses, people are replacing white lights with green bulbs to show support for veterans.  And it's easy to become part of the movement.
What Drives You To The Polls on Election Day?
Doesn't it feel good to vote?  I think it does. There are things that motivate us to get to the polls, besides the obvious opportunity to weigh in on the next four years.
The kids are talking about the election at school, and if Mama doesn't vote, they will be on my case!  What el…
Adult Women Have the Worst Road Rage in Texas
What is the worst spot for road rage around Tyler?  Somewhere on The Loop?  South Broadway because everyone is trying to eat and shop and it's crowded?  Everywhere?
Whether it's a residential street, a highway, or a parking lot, a new study says women are hit the hardest by r…
Sistas Empowering Sistas
As women we take on a great deal of pressure to perform, please and praise. Most of us are happy to do so, however we don't get the same praise or appreciation in return. It's moments like these that your have to dig a little deeper and remember the person you are and not allow others to c…
Watch Shani Scott FB Live
I am so excited about this new feature I do everyday on my radio show, which is Facebook Live. Each day I am amazed at how many of you meet me there and tune in.
5 Things Momma Didn’t Tell Me About Turning 40
I am just about 90 days away from turning 40 and some interesting things have been happening to me as I take this journey. I always thought of turning 40 means that I am getting old, but I have found out this is just the beginning of life.
Online Dating 102 With Shani Scott
Singing "I'm living the single, single,!" in my Cameo voice. I think this is the first time that I have really been open to date in my life. Friends and even my mom have encouraged me to date more than one person and to stop committing myself to one person right…
Shani’s Petty Post For The Week
Do you have haters in your life? If so, you are on the right track. If you don't have haters you are doing nothing with your life. No one is liked by all people, it's just impossible. They way we react to our hater determines our outcome of the situation.
Back 2 School Savings
Looking for Back 2 School savings this tax free weekend in East Texas? Be sure to run by Office Depot today to get in on the 1 cent sale.

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