She's said, 'Bow Down' and maybe we should! Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay-Z have officially become the first billion dollar couple in music history, according to reports.Reports indicate that revenue and profits from the Mrs. Carter World Tour, endorsements from Loreal, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger -- have pushed the power couple into billionaire status!

The Mrs. Carter World Tour is estimated to rake in a sweet $116 million bucks. Also, the movies, production, and Jay-Z's own personal empire with clothing lines and record sales, have made these two, not only the most powerful couple in Hollywood, but also in music -- period.

Not only does the couple make a ton of dough, but they also give back, and donate very generously to worthy causes.

So, I guess Queen Bey's got a lot to be cocky about in her highly controversial new song, and we're not mad at her for it either.

Go ahead, Carters!