We collected your favorite Townsquare Media radio DJs' best Valentine's Day dates. Plus, we asked them who their dream celebrity Valentine's Day dates would be. With the big day coming up, this might help some of you figure out your February 14th plans. Mostly, these are just some cute and funny stories. 

You hear them on the radio. They give you East Texas' best music and tell you about what is going on in your area. But, how well do you know your favorite Townsquare Media DJs?

Since the holiday of love is heading quickly towards us, this is a great opportunity to get to know your radio personalities a little better.

Here are KNUE, 96X, Hot 107.3 Jamz, and Mix 93.1's DJs with their best Valentine's Day date memories and their dream celebrity dates.

Lucky Larry
Mix 93.1

 Lucky Larry and his wife do not spend Valentine's Day the same way a lot of us do. "Since my wife's birthday is so close to the holiday, we like to celebrate her birth more than Valentine's Day." They go out the weekend before V-Day, which seems really smart because you can miss the big crowds. They don't skip out on Valentine's all together. "We give each other cards." Simple and sweet is how Lucky Larry likes his Valentine's Day dates. But, who would his dream date be?

Because "she seems like so much fun," Lucky Larry picked Gwen Stefani. She does seem like she would be a fun date.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

96X The Rock of East Texas

 Fish says that his best Valentine's date was shared with an ex girlfriend. But, he said that things like what she did for this special date became one of the reasons they are still friends. "She was just really cool." What did she do? "She baked me a Valentine's Day cake and left little candies with the sweet sayings all over for me to find. She also left me notes in places I would find, so all day I was reminded of how much she thought of me." How cute and cool, huh?

Who does Fish want to do something cool and cute like this on his dream celebrity Valentine's Day date? Sabina Kelley, of course. "She is just sooo hot!"


Baby J
Hot 107.3 Jamz

Baby J says that her best ever Valentine's Day date was with her husband. "He cooked me dinner! Steak and potatoes, really simple but so romantic. We had wine and dinner, it was perfect. He even made arrangements beforehand for the babysitter." Another simple V-Day date idea, but so very important to the couple. "It is nice to have a man that will cook for you." Who else would Baby J like to share some steak and potatoes with?

You might be surprised who Baby J picked for her dream celebrity date, but it makes a lot of sense. She didn't want to pick a man and make her husband mad, so Baby J chose Ellen DeGeneres for her dream date. "We wouldn't make out or anything, we would just hangout and have fun. She would be a great Valentine's day because she is so funny. I love her!" I bet it would be a fun and hilarious date.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Amy Austin
KNUE 101.5

Amy Austin also took the sweet but simple path for her best Valentine's Day date. She doesn't like all of the pressure on the holiday. "Those poor men, they have so much riding on this and they don't really know what they are doing." So, what is her solution? "I spend the day with family just having fun. I'd rather spend the day telling everyone I love that I love them." She continued by saying, "Valentine's Day should not just be about couples, but about everyone you love." If she did celebrate the holiday in a more traditional way, who would Amy take on her dream celebrity V-Day date?

Daniel Craig is Amy's dream date. Why? "He is hot! And, he has that accent which is just the icing on the cake." Everyone does love an accent. Better watch out, Rachel Weisz!

Brendon Thorne, Getty Images

Buddy Logan
Radio Texas Live! on KNUE 101.5

Buddy Logan's best Valentine's date started as his worst date ever. "In 11th grade, I was crushin on a girl hard. I brought her flowers to school and asked her to be my valentine. During lunch, in the cafeteria, she threw the flowers in my face and said she would never be my valentine. I wanted to cry, but then a friend of mine made it all better. My friend, this girl, came over and said she would be very happy to date me and be my Valentine's Day date. We ended up dating for years afterward." Good thing it worked out for you, Buddy. Who would Buddy risk asking to be his valentine?

Buddy Logan's dream celebrity Valentine's Day date would be Oprah. Why? "She and I could go to Buffalo Wild Wings, she would probably give me a car, and we would have the best conversations! We may not date forever, but it would be fun. I've had a crush on Oprah for a very long time now."

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So, there you have it. You know your DJs a little better and maybe got a great idea for your Valentine's Day date plans. Let us know what you think.