There are times in our lives that we can't make it on our own. Too much is stacked against us and we feel the weight bearing down. Lenard Crabb and Chris Barrios are in that place and need your help.

On January 14th, a horrible accident happened on site of an oil field near San Antonio. This tragic accident left Crabb and Barrios terribly injured.

They have luckily survived, but are headed towards more hard times. These injuries have already caused hefty strains  on their family, their finances, and their emotional states. They need help for the coming months, maybe years, of rehabilitation.

You can give them that help they need. Come out to help these two East Texas Men get through, hopefully, the hardest times of their lives.

What better plans do you have for Saturday afternoon? Why not come have a bit of fun and help these two men that so desperately need it?

Try and make it out, folks. Support those around you. One day, you might need them to support you.