It's always a treat when a celebrity makes their way through Tyler. But it's an even bigger event when a celebrity makes their way to Tyler to support a local charity. Academy Award-winner Halle Berry will be in Tyler next month to accept an award for her efforts bringing awareness to domestic abuse.

Berry will be hosting a gala and celebrity golf tournament benefiting the local nonprofit organization Sisters In Christ on July 14 and 16. Sisters in Christ plans to partner with Dallas-based Global Greenology to rebuild a house in downtown Tyler and make it an eco-friendly safe-home for women who have suffered from domestic abuse.

"We recognized Halle with the Michelle Johnson Award of Relentless Determination to Overcome," said Michelle Johnson, executive director of the organization. "She speaks out against domestic violence and is a survivor of it herself."

Joining Halle at the event are Baltimore Ravens linebacker Cody Glenn, 'The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron, Broadway actress Verlinda Stanton, Hollywood comedian Gayle Palitz, and more.

For ticket and sponsorship information call Ms. Johnson at 903-328-9224. You can also click here for information on the Sisters In Christ organization.

You can sign up for the tournament by emailing