Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a family tradition in many homes across East Texas this time of year. Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang made their Thanksgiving TV special debut in 1973 and its been shown each year since.Since moving to ABC, the network has aired this classic special two times every year, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and again Thanksgiving night. In case you missed Wednesday nights showing, you can catch it again tomorrow night (Thanksgiving) at 7p on ABC.

If you've never seen this Charlie Brown special, here's a little how it goes: Charlie Brown invites some of his friends over for a Thanksgiving meal in his backyard before having to go to his grandparents house. When some of the Peanuts gang shows up, Snoopy serves them the following on plates he's thrown at them:

2 slices of buttered toast
pretzel sticks
jelly beans

While eating, things turn on Charlie Brown because Patty starts yelling at him. While this is going on Charlie disappears and then realizes that he and his sister are late to for their grandparents dinner and calls them up and they end up telling Charlie to bring his friends along with them.