Do you remember what it was like to be 9 years old? Especially a 9-year-old anticipating a trip to Walt Disney World? Well,  Brendan Haas of Massachusetts, set up a "Soldier for a Soldier" page on Facebook in an attempt to trade his toy soldier up to a Disney World vacation. Brendan ended up winning the trip, plus tons of Disney gift cards, making it an all-expense Disney vacation! A typical 9 year old would be packing for the vacation, but this generous young man had other plans!

According to Brandan's Facebook page, the "About" section explained his reason for starting the page:

Hi, my name is Brendan and I am 9 years old. Tonight I heard the story of the "Red Paperclip Project" where a man started with a red paperclip and traded up to a house. I am always trading toys with my friends and thought I would like to do my own project for a good cause. I am going to call it "A Soldier for a Soldier." I am going to start with one of my toy soldiers and hopefully continue to trade until I get a trip to Disney for a family of a fallen soldier. Once I reach my goal, I will hold a free raffle open to any immediate families of a fallen soldier and will randomly pick one lucky family. Please spread the word and "Like" my page. I will keep you posted on my trades, thank you! -Brendan

After drawing the name, Liberty Steele, a 2 year old little girl's names from a hat, he graciously gave away his traded trip to the Steele family. He then showed up at the home of fallen soldier, Timothy Steele to give his Disney vacation to the family!

In regards to how the idea was born, Brendan said:

“We heard about the guy how he traded a red paper clip up until he got a house and we wanted to do something.”

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Such a small boy with a big heart!