It is time to get ready for turkey day. There are a few things everyone needs to be completely prepared for Thanksgiving. Here are just five of the things you will need for this coming holiday. 

Getting ready for a day like Thanksgiving can seem a little overwhelming. Don't worry, here are the things you will need to make this Thanksgiving very successful for yourself.

1. Comfy Sweaters

t-dubisme, Flickr

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stock up on some comfy sweaters.

Not only is it getting really chilly outside, these big fluffy sweaters can help hide that belly you will start growing during the turkey day feast. All of the food that you will consume on that day will not show from underneath a well chosen sweater.

Get one for the day, one for after, and one for the heck of it.

2. Good Luggage

mattbuck4950, Flickr

There will be a lot of us traveling for Thanksgiving. Whether in an airport, in your car, or on a train; having a good set of luggage is a must.

There is no reason to have that extra stress of, "Will my luggage make it through the rough handling of the airport personnel?" Just get yourself a good sturdy bag or suitcase and have one less thing to worry about.

3. Food Club Membership

lemonhalf, Flickr

If you are lucky enough to have been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner and are getting out of the cost and all day hassle of cooking; you need to bring a gift.

Don't just give compliments to the chef after a large (free) meal like a Thanksgiving dinner, even if it is from family. Give back to those that provided the turkey feast. So them that you are thankful for them this season with a monthly food club membership.

If you visit the iGourmet website, you can choose to send them a gift from plenty of cool choices. Wine, tea, coffee, cheese, and more could be sent to your cook's door to show your appreciation.

4. Camera

Annafur, Flickr

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around with friends and family. This means a lot of memories will be made with these people that mean so much to you.

Don't try to capture these moments with your smart phone. Bring a real camera to the holiday events. Have them printed out and shown somewhere other than your Facebook page.

The act of using a real camera and taking the time to go to the drugstore to have them printed means these were memories you cared for. They were not just status updates for the bunch of internet strangers you don't even care about.

5. Headache Medicine, Flickr

Those memories you will be capturing with that "real" camera will come alongside a lot of family arguments and awkward moments.

The holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, always brings on the slightest of headaches.

Yes, you love your friends and family, but they still make you need a pill. Make sure to stock up on headache medicine before the traveling, family, and Black Friday madness sets in.

Once you collect these items, you will be closer to preparedness for Thanksgiving. Add your own and get ready, folks. Turkey day is coming.