Whether it's football, basketball, or any sport, referees have probably the most important job in the world of sports. Sometimes they make the right call, and sometimes they make the wrong call. In this case, it was so obvious that they made a wrong call that a 3-year-old could see it.

Logan Foster and her family were watching the South Carolina Bowl game on New Years Day, when the refs made a really bad call. They gave Michigan a first down when the ball was obviously and clearly not even close to the first down.

Logan's parents paused it to review the play themselves when Logan got up there and started analyzing the play. "That ball is not touching that pole," Logan said, "It's really not touching it, there's a little bit of spot right there." Logan's sister joined in on it by pretending to be on the phone, "Hi, Mr. Pole. The football's supposed to be touching you."

Watch Logan's hilarious reaction here.